Surface of the Sun

Jissi says ” Kev, tell me the surface of the sun story” So I say ” What ever you want princess Jissi” Jissi is a princess you know, and she pretty much gets what ever she wants. Well not all the time, and not really, but she likes to think that she does. Princess Jissi is right now holding me ransom for this story so I guess that I will type it up for her.
You see Princess Jissi likes to draw me cool princess pictures like these 2 examples:

Princess Jissi says that if I tell her the story about surface of the sun that she will then draw me another picture. So here goes the story.

Surface of the sun

We are at the cabin one night, It was the usual high school crew at the cabin. Rootsi had this brilliant idea of stuffing the tiny fireplace with 2 x 4 s thinking that that would burn well. Well 2×4 s burn like hell hot and shit, and hell quick and shit. The cabin is real small and stuff. We all go to bed and wake up a few hours later to Rootsi hanging out the front door whinnying the cabin is like the surface of the sun. He says ” it is like the hell fucking surface of the sun”, “surface of the sun, surface of the sun” he keeps going on about this, I tried to get up but was hit with such a big change in temperature going from he floor to 200 degrees above me that I feel back down into bed.

I finally manage to get up and open all of the windows, and put a fan on to cool it down in there. Ever since then surface of the sun has been a staple in our vocabulary for when it gets hot.

Not the best story but I was told to tell it.. It is much better when you can hear me say surface of the sun…

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