Mixed up the Workout

I read about 800 pages of weight training books over the weekend; marked lots of pages, did some highlighting, and wrote up some notes. The big book of the bunch being The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I really enjoyed the book and got a lot out of it. I changed my work out last night to reflect some of the things that I read. I am more sore today then I was after my first day of training this year. I am totally amazed at what a few small changes in technique can do to change a the effects of a work out.

I only made a few changes, but they made a huge difference in how I feel after words, and how “pumped” I felt during the workout. Pumped being a term that Arnold used to describe the feeling in your muscles when you use them to the point of exhaustion when they feel engorged with Blood and burn a bit do to the lactic acid. That pumped feeling is what you are working towards feeling, and you want to keep it going as long as you can in your work outs, to get the best results.

Here is a list of my changes :

  • Changing the location of my grip on the bar during bench press to direct the weight to the area of the pec that I wanted to work, and being more consistent with that hand placement. I want to work my inner pec, so I held the bar close in to the middle. I could feel the pump while doing the lifting, and the burn this morning.
  • My normal work outs have always been 10-12 reps for the first set, add 5-10 pounds then do 8-10 reps for the second set. Sometimes I would be able to finish, sometimes I would not be able to finish. After reading the book about the percentages of muscle fibers that are used with each set, and how other fibers take over for the tired fibers, It made a great deal more sense to do more sets, to fully exercise all of the muscle fibers to exhaustion. I started off with less weight then I normally do, did one set of 15, then added 5-10 pounds did a set of 12, 5-10 more pounds, a set of 10, then 5-10 more pounds and a set of 8 if I could do it. Working the muscles to complete exhaustion, and then going a bit further trying to hold the weight at the point of failure to get through it or just long enough to really get a burn. 4 sets vs. 2 sets being the big change
  • Worked to keep the pump feeling in between sets while resting and waiting for CL to do her sets by flexing the muscles, and holding them tight. It takes about 1 minute or so to recover almost as much as you are going to recover between sets, any more then that and you are losing the pump and cooling off to much.
  • I lifted with much more focus on specific muscles, then I had before. In the future I will better combine complimentary muscle groups. Like my arm days were normally biceps and triceps. That is not a good idea, the Triceps should be done on the same day as the bench as you are already doing that muscle with your bench press.
  • Doing way more Abs, Seems that They those being Core muscles should be focused on every day as part of your work out, and that they can take it.

    Those are few of the changes that I worked with last night, their will be more to come this week as I implement more of what I have learned in my work out, and learn more.

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