Monday workout

Last night Clint and I had a great workout. I am still feeling all pumped up and powerful today from last nights work out. A bit sore, and it was hard to move my arms last night after we were done, but all in all I feel great about it. I think that I have the Chest day down to a work out that pretty much kills us. Now I need to work out a similar work for the Arms, and legs days.

Our Chest workout
For the Chest work out we did the following exercises. Trying for 4 sets each. We tried to work 2 exercises at a time, taking turns moving from one to other. 10×105 means 10 reps at 105 pounds.

Exercise Set1 Set2 Set3 Set4
Bench Press
12×105 12×125 10×145 8×155
pull down
12×50 12×50 12×50 12×50
12×70* 10×80* 10×80  
tricep drop
12×35 12×40 12×40  
12×100 10×120 10×160  
12×150 10×160 10×170 10×180
Preacher Curl
20×70 15×80 10×90 10×100

* Weight is total pounds, or 70 pounds would mean 35 pounds on each dumbbell

We started the workout out with 5 minutes on the rowing machine, and then ended it with 12 minutes on the treadmill, I like to walk at a 15% incline on the treadmill. Clint likes to ride a back in the back of the room and look at the scenery. According to Clint’s boss, Bill, there is a more eye candy at the gym on Mondays and Tuesdays, then there is on Thursdays and Fridays. I would have to totally agree with Bill on that one.

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