Whats In my Pockets

I was thinking today, “how much is my standard pocket crap worth” Well this is a good Question. I carry a lot of stuff in my pockets and on my person on a daily basis.

  • XV6700 Verizon Smartphone = 600$
  • Canon SD400 Camera = 280$
  • Cherry Chapstick
  • Keys to house, and car
  • Suunto N3 smart watch = 300$
  • tungsten Wedding ring = 800$
  • Silver ring I got with trenton = 50$
  • Replacement Silver braclet = 50$
  • Wallet = has lots of stuff in it
  • Okaley Xmetals Sungalsses = 300$

    So all in all I carry about 3000$ worth of stuff on my person at any given time. That might seem like a bunch, but think of the women with a 2CT ring worth 10k. I dont have one big item worth heaps and gobs, I just have a bunch of little things that add up.

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