It’s in the Mail

One of these very cool looking things is soon to be in the mail to our house for my honey. Yesterday we had our interview, that lasted all of about 10 minutes. We got to the INS building right on time to make out interview, we paid our bloody 5$ for parking, their was no line inside the building to see the first man who tells you where to go. He told us to upstairs and wait to be called. We both took a quick potty break, then climbed the stairs and sat down to wait for our names to be called.
About 5 minutes later they called out “CL” we did not hear the women the first time so she had to call out “CL” again, this time we heard her, she saw us get up, and waited for us to cross the room and enter the door. She introduced her self as Officer Johnson, and showed us to her office. It was a nice pretty office with Red accent walls, that all of the offices seemed to share.
She got out our big file, and started to take our supporting documents, that showed that we have a real relationship. She went over the paper work that we had already submited and made sure it was all accurate and asked us a few questions about the paper work:

  • Are you a terrorist?
  • Are you or have you ever been a member of the NAZI party
  • What’s your BirthdatesSimple stuff like that. Then she finished the paper work and asked us some more questions:
  • She asked me how many bothers and sisters your wife has, I thought for a sec and said none, then I said well she has 3 half brothers.
  • She asked CL the same question about me.
  • she asked how we meet and worked out a chain of events
  • Where did we get married, and how many people were their
  • lastly she asked if we had consummated the marriage, CL gets all excited and says “ohh ya we have”Then our officer finished off some paper work, and answered the rest of our questions, and that was that. We were then free to go, and the green card is the in the mail. Very anti-climatic we got all nervous and pumped up for nothing.
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