How TO fix the Mini roof rack noise

In august of 2005 I bought a Mini cooper S, Brilliant car, love the thing to death. Until I got the Stock Factory OEM, dealer installed roof rack installed. At that point my 30,000$ car was in my mind ruined. The Roof Rack whistles due to poor design. It sounds like a 1970s ford pickup with shitty wing windows. The noise is at it worst at 32 miles an hour. It’s enough to drive a sane person nuts.

I called the mini dealership and was for the most part blown off, at that point in kind of dropped it for a bit. Till yesterday when I went in for my first maintenance appointment I went off on mini again while I was there, and they again blew me off in person. They told me to check out a local mini forum that they thought had an answer. PS Mini is the place that I went but they did not have an answer.

Then I went to Rack N Road up the street and they helped me with my problem, for free of all prices.


The Solution

The problem with the roof rack is in the deign, the pole is a shape and material that just generates noise. To fix it all you have to do is cover the pole with a different material and change the shape in the tiniest way. Rack N Road gave me some foam pads that wrap around the pole so that you can set things on it. That is all it took and the problem is gone now. Next step will be to design something to cover the pole that’s a bit smaller and more mini looking. But for now this will work.

MiniMinusWhistle 001 (Small).jpg

MiniMinusWhistle 002 (Small).jpg

MiniMinusWhistle 003 (Small).jpg





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