Drews Party Part I

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but I’ve been too lazy to finish it. So here is part one

Saturday Drew decided to toss himself a birthday party. Getting a year older is a great excuse to toss a party and get together with friends. We were all thinking that this would be fun, and that we might as well get out and meet some new people. Drew normally is able to draw a nice crowd when he tosses a party. The party was to start with about 4 hours of hanging out in a house in Phinney to have some drinks and food, then a scavenger hunt around town for a few hours in two 15 passenger party busses, then we were to end up at some small pizza bar in North Bend.

The Party Begins

Me being obsessed with being on time we were the first ones there, right on time at 1600 hours. The party was at a friend of Drew’s house. The house was a very nice place, looked like it had just been redone with a nice new kitchen, new hardwood, new deck in the back, new siding out side. The house was very well remodeled. We got there and did a tiny bit of helping get ready, then sat down and had some snacks while the rest of the people started to roll on into the place. There was a cute gal there who worked as a parole officer, Too bad she had to leave, she was fun. Drew managed to attract about 30 people to the house. Some of the party goers were being a total bummer watching some old school Stylone movie on the TV. WTF was that about we are a party not a TV night. Oh well we still managed to have a good time.
Two hours into the party still no Drew, but their was chicken and burgers and some really tasty fatty artichoke and jalapeno dip. I filled up on the dips and such so much that I did not even bother with a burger.
Drew finally showed up with a keg, DAM those things are heavy. He also brought with him one of the Vans for the hunt. Then some other stuff happened, And finally we got on to the fun part of the night. The scavenger hunt.

The Hunt Begins

This is the list that Drew handed out After we had all gone over the list Drew handed out a Golf Driver to each of the Van Drivers and we picked out team at the door as everyone was Leaving to get into a van. I did very well, my van was driven by me, and filled with like 7 girls and 3 guys. A very good ratio. The other van was filled with all guys and one girl. Who knows what they were thinking? Oh well We loaded up and headed off on our adventure.

The First Tasks
Our first Stop was a petrol station to get a one Gallon Jug to fill with Tap beer later on. We started off by accomplishing the task of getting someone to dance the robot

Then we bought some bits of junk food and the girls ran across the street and feed the bum standing there trying to get money out of people as they stopped that light. They were extra nice to the bum and gave him a drag off of our tequila bottle.

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