Something Dirty that Clint Sent me

I encourage mixing these symbols symbols up, but don’t put yourself in danger by signing your name:
CABO. Let’s start with what we know:

O. O means I’m hugging you.

X. X is a kiss.

A. A stands for rubbing your nipples.
With all the letters, repetition heightens the act. Here, one A is a gentle rub; should you want it rough with perhaps some pinching , use liberally.
B. B is a standard foot massage performed in the nude.
C. Oral sex while driving a motor vehicle.
D. D notes that we are dancing in a club and I am calling your attention to my boner by lightly prodding you with it.
E. E is shaving your partners crotch area after a shower.
F. This means she is standing on phone books during upright sex in the kitchen.
G. The classic pirate/Asian banana boat driver role playing game.
H. Use this letter to say it would be so cool to have butt sex, just for like a second even.
I. Means your having cybersex.
J. J is for rubbing your butt in a quick counter clockwise motion.
K. K is ‘I’ve bought you a lap dance at a strip club.’
L. L is you not so into the idea of going to a strip club and I’ve only made it more awkward by purchasing a lap dance.
M. This means you’re so sweet and I really love when you give me hand jobs, but it’s cool I’ll take over from here.
N. N is the nasty. But done tastefully, you know.
P. This means I’m secretly filming us.
Q. Q means your sick with a stomach virus, so we have sex without kissing, ok.
R. This letter denotes feeling you up in public and I’m drunk.
S. S means trying to find a comfortable position for shower sex.
T. Stands for finishing sex just in time for The Sopranos.
U. Means my balls are huge.
V. Means my balls are huge and I just washed them.
W. Means my balls are medium sized and I want you to wash them.
Y. I want to sleep with you once or twice.
Z. Season 2 of The Chappelle Show is playing in the background while I massage your private parts.

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