Superman maybe not

When will I learn that I am not superman, and that I do have limits.

Yesterday started at 5 am like all days start because I cannot bloody sleep in past that time. Got up did some work for work, server work at home, relaxed on the couch for an hour, cooked food, then got Clint up at 8 and we went up and worked on the house. Hung Sheet rock till about 3:30
Then we drove to the ferry and came to port orchard where we started on an engine rebuild for my brother, that lasted until 2 am and we about 5 hours from still being done. But we did manage to get the old engine out, and the new one in. We need more parts to make it run.

Now I’ve been up since 5:12 My body allowed me to sleep in an extra 5 minutes. YEAH!!! That will help. For those extra 5 minutes I have blurred, foggy vision, that should go away in a few hours, when I wake everyone else up to head to the lake for the day, where I have more projects to get done. I do hope to fit in some fun, we will see.

Someday I need to learn to relax more… and slow down.

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