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Quick update. A number of months ago I upgraded our exchange server to a newer build of Exchange server 2007, and all hell broke lose. We pretty much lost everything in the process . In an effort to not allow this to happen again we rebuilt everything on virtual servers. To make backup and recovery much simpler. It took about 70 hours to make the mail server work, and then It took a few more months before I got this blog back up, and our picture site back..

The picture site was a total lose, we had to rebuild from scratch, so right now it is a bit lacking in pictures of old times. Not that CL minds because some of them had other gals in them. I will get to it sooner or later but for now all of my free tuits are being used up by this house that we bought. We bought a fixer that was way more fixer then we wanted. We will never again buy something that is pre 1983 it is just too much work. The house that we ended up with is from early 2000 century 1912, and it has been modified and rebuilt a number of times. We are putt on later 3 of siding. We took the house do the studs and went from there. We are currently siding the place and hope to be out of it in a few more months. Then we can move on to the next one = ] This is our latest hobby. One that is making us money instead of costing us money. We like this.

So far this summer we’ve been to Boston for TechED, Lapush with family, Banks lake with friends to play, and Carlton to river raft with Tyler and Jess. Yesterday we went for a nice long walk around UW campus with Trenton and talked to him about college life., and planted some seeds to help direct him to going. Today we spent the day working on the house planting some more seeds in Trenton to help him build a better foundation that he can build up to make his own hobby that makes money.

For now that Is my super quick update, I will work on some more later.

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