Cabinet Land in the Huge House

As of this weekend we now live in cabinet land on the east side. CL and I bought a house in Woodinville. I think that we will call it the huge house because it is huge for us, and we don’t seem to be able to come up with a better name. It’s about 3,700 square feet, with an enormous kitchen. We have more cabinets in this kitchen then the next 2 houses combined. We had to leave a number of them empty as we don’t have enough stuff to fill them. There is a drawer in the island near the stove top that has a single oven mit in it, just because we could!
We have had a lot of house activity over the past 30 days, we closed on the condo in AZ, signed papers on a Town house in the DC area, got a ton of work done on the Shoreline house, closed and moved into the Huge house, and finally we sold the Fremont condo. We moved around heaps and gobs of funds and thanks to some help from friends we were able to make it all work out. We still have a 1031 and 2 loans to go but we are getting close to coming out of this one.
In the mess of it all last week I had to almost work full time getting documents to the loan people, writing letters and all kinds of other stuff. But it all got done, and we moved in this weekend.
The new house is simply brilliant, with almost an acre and lots of room for everything the thing that it is now lacking is more people to live in it, and furniture to fill it up. Those things will come in time for now we are unpacking and having a good time in the new place.

I will work up a proper picture post later this week once the dust has settled some more.

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