Fun with cats

I found this website that has clips of cat meows, AND since i hadn’t yet used up my daily allottment of idiot time, I had to play them for my cats. It was a VERY amusing few minutes. Hehe, my cats (Pixel and Mapi) are now fully convinced that I am holding a distressed kitten hostage in my laptop. They went nuts meowing back and digging around and under my laptop. When they started to look hopeless and confused I thought I’d switch it up abit and played a different meow (code named “beer goggle”)…which..promptly made Mapi (fixed boy cat) go after Pixel (fixed girl cat) with a mad humping vengence. heheh, dont think ive ever seen Pixel so like WTF-is-going-on-here… she cleaned herself for an hour straight after that. 🙂

This is the website… ENJOY!


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