Banks Lake 2007

Every year for the past bunch of years, we’ve been going to Banks Lake for a few days in the summer with a group of friends. We almost always camp in spots 29, 30, and 31 at Sun Banks Resort. The resort on banks lake about five miles south of the Grand Coulee Dam in eastern Washington. In the beginning it was fun in the sun, skiing, jumping off of rocks, hanging out with friends, blending things, eating Genes awesome steaks, and trying to avoid getting sun burnt. I loved going out there and looked forward to it every year. Last year it started to go downhill for me, and this year I think that it hit the bottom. Next year we will have to do something to make it different, or we might have to do something else.

Most of the decline revolves around the near out of control drinking of some of the crowd that we go with. Drinking that, in my opinion, is not done to enhance the fun, but that is done more to just get drunk, and see how much can be consumed. There are many different kinds of drinking, and drinkers out there. Some drinkers are way more desirable to me than others. I enjoy drinking when it is done to add to the night as a supplement to the mood and enjoyment; not when it helps people forget who they are, forget he night, vomit, and become totally out of control. As a pre-teen I chose to not involve drinking in my life until I was ready to, and capable of dealing with it. That for me was 25 or so, and at that age I have maybe one drink a month or less. Drinking really does nothing for me, I do it more to fit in social gatherings. This level of drinking works just fine for me, and being cheap it is nice on the pocket book as well.

Being sober around people who are boarder line out of control puts me in a position where I feel some responsibility to make sure that no one is hurt, and encourage people to drink some water and slow down. This year I did my best to stay out of all it and just avoid having any responsibility. This seemed to work a lot better for me. With my bitching out of the way how about a few Highlights of the trip, along with some pictures.


We did manage to have a good time for the most part this weekend. I got up skiing for one cut before I crashed and gave up on skiing that morning. This year was made much more brilliant for CL and me due to the free WIFI at the lodge. Took us a bit to find power, and once we did they asked us to go outside because they were closing down the inside sitting area. The person that asked us to move was kind enough to help us find a seat with power in the outside area. CL worked on some newsgroup posts, and I did some writing about Windows PowerShell for Devin’s book. This gave us a few hours of one on one time in a quite environment with each other. We really enjoyed this part of the trip. CL looks very cute checking her email, click the photo for the full sized version



Gene and I went water skiing one morning. The water was amazingly calm and glass like when went out, and it stayed that way until we got back. CL came along to marvel at my Skillz and take some pictures of the two of us showing off. She managed to get some good pictures of Gene cutting and putting up a spray. She got some pictures of me making various odd expressions as I got out of the water on my third try. She got more as I made one cut before whipping out and getting back in the boat. I gave up early not wanting to totally destroy my body the first time out. I was hoping that I could go skiing again the next morning before we packed up to come home. Gene and I figured that the last time that I skied was the previous year at Banks Lake. As a child / teenage I used to go water skiing all the time, when we lived at the lake I went every morning. Not so much as I have gotten older. The following photo is an example of my making an odd face. Click the photo for the full sized version



Tubing In a Dust Storm

We hung out a beach for most of Saturday until a dust storm looked to be kicking up on the south end of the lake. Banks is a very big lake and can get chopping when the wind kicks up. Knowing this we decided to pack up and head back to camp. Before we could officially leave, we had to wait for Clint and Darren to get back from camp. They had gone back to head to the store to get some supplies. Once they got back, we all loaded into the boats to head back to camp. On the way to the beach, we towed some of the kids in a 3-man tube because we were low on space in the boat. None of the kids wanted to ride back in the tube because the lake was now covered with two-foot swells. To encourage my son and his friend to ride in the tube, I said that I would ride in the tube with them. This got them all excited to ride in the tube; you could not get them in the tube fast enough.

It’s is two days later as I write this and my body is still sore from the ride. Don’t get me wrong I had a great time getting beat up with my kid, yelling and screaming and being tossed about, but I still have a sore upper body. One of the kids in the tube asked to get out half way through because he was too beat up. I was pretty proud that my 30 year old body out lasted a teenage boy! The best quote from my child after a big wave, some air, and a hard landing, Trenton says ” Dad I think that there was penetration on that one”


The Other Fun Bits

There were of course some other fun bits about the trip, but I am trying to make my trip reports a bit shorter. In the name of a shorter report, here is a bulleted list of some of the other highlights:

  • Gene made some AMAZING steak for dinner one night, and kick-arse chicken for CL
  • Clint cleaned up vomit from the carpet in our guest room the night before they left with bleach leaving three large white spots
  • My child, after some encourage involving fallopian tubes, managed to jump off of the rocks this year
  • Gene and I had some fun on the beach with the new 2.x televerter that I got for my sigma 50-500 telephoto lens
  • We had some fun interactions with the neighbor’s camp. We took down Todd’s (with a double D) phone number so we could go out with him again
  • Clint ran his boat out of gas. We had to tow him back to camp, then to the gas station the next day
  • Gene ran his boat aground on a sand bar while towing Clint’s boat. He is hoping that nothing is bent or broken
  • Gene played Earth Wind and Fire for us on the stereo in his boat.
  • Our air mattress went flat two nights in a row and gave us some very crappy sleeping conditions
  • We got to see the laser light show on the day, featuring the MIGHTY COLUMBIA
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