I’m an Exchange Rock Star

3Sharp was contracted by Windows IT Pro, and Microsoft to put on some OCS and Exchange road shows this fall / winter. My latest task at 3Sharp has been to work on the slide decks and scripting for these events. I’ve never really been a Power Point user until I started here, but after a few months of using it I am starting to enjoy the tool. I’m even learning how to make things more pretty and entertaining to look at. The shows are going to cover Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 and how it lays out a foundation that OCS 2007 builds on to add presence, VoIP, conferencing and a heap of other collaboration technologies into an organization. I enjoy training, and public speaking, as long as my voice holds out, this should be a very fulfilling and enjoyable project.

I made it up on the speaker’s page this week. Makes me feel like a bit of a nerd rockstar. They did not choose the picture that I wanted them too, but I did not really think that they would. The follow picture is the one that I wanted them to pick, I think that it really brings out my hair and my eyes.

The following is the photo that they ended up using. CL would tell you that I have nice hair in this picture, and that the heat miser hair that I’m sporting above is not her most favorite thing.

It looks like I will be at the Portland, San Diego, and Denver shows. If you want to come and see me stutter in public and watch me speak come to one of the events. They should be entertaining and educational.

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