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I think that I have too many side projects, and not enough time and tuits to complete them all. I’ve got such a back log that I am starting to hire out some of the projects. I recently hired Frank from to finish off a website that I meant to create a year or so ago for my parents. Frank is going to build me a logo and site for that right now goes nowhere, but that will soon go to something cute and simple. One of the principals of Get it Done is that projects that will take less than 5 minutes should just be done right then and there and not put off. I’ve been trying to do this, and it’s helping a bit, but not enough.

What I think that I need to do is to make a list, knock the things off of the list that don’t need to be there, or will not benefit me much, and then pick a few things from the list and ride them to getting finished. Here is my list of planned or started side projects to get done|

  • Start the car manual repository
  • Move Hedonisits to DreamHost and complete the don’t host at home vision
  • Rewire the rack in the basement and run a cable to Trenton’s room
  • Rewire the Garage so that it has more than one plug, and we don’t need to plug the wielder in in the kitchen
  • Mount accessories to the New BMW 1150RT that we got in July
  • Complete the trip report / novel for the Europe trip that we took this summer
  • Finish the River Rafting Trip report
  • Finish off the wiring at the shoreline house that we have for sale. Right now the basement bedroom lights need to be on for the stove to work
  • Start on the kitchen and bathroom remodels
  • Install a new Trim and door package in the house
  • Redo the hosting and DNS for Kitsap Septic dot com
  • Setup the online payment system for Kitsap Septic dot com
  • Replace some of the sky lights in the house that have fogged
  • I really need to get a haircut. GID would tell me to just do this one
  • Make some phone calls about bills and credit and what not
  • Finish moving all of my money stuff to money for better tracking
  • Put away the huge stack of stuff that I have to file
  • Get a couch in my office at work
  • Work out Croatia
  • Fix CL’s car so that it starts and the windows roll down
  • Work out more storage at home and a proper backup system
  • Sell all of the cars that I have listed right now
  • Get the gas fireplace installed in the living room
  • Run some more network drops in the living room at home


The list just keeps going on, these are the big ones that are on the top of my head this morning. I did manage to get up a few blog posts that I’ve been meaning to get up. That makes me feel a bit better.

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