When ICQ came out in my world, I was working at South Kitsap School district. I think that I was still in High school at the time actually. I had a buddy who worked in Seattle that I liked to harass. He’s why I installed ICQ in the first place. One of the first client versions allowed you to blow a horn on other client computers. I talked him into installing it and I would randomly blow the horn on his machine throughout the day. This ended when he figured out it was me and what app it was that was making the noise and checked the box to keep that from happening.

I bring this up because I had a new face book request today that I accepted. As I was browsing my new friend’s page, I noticed that they had an ICQ number listed. As soon as I saw the ICQ number, I remembered my first number 585997. Just for the fun of it I checked to see if I was able to recall the password. Sure enough I was able to remember the password and login. I logged in, no one that I knew was there, so I left. Nothing real exciting to report about that login experience. Mostly I was shocked that I was able to remember the number and the password from 10 or so years ago. It’s odd what sticks in your head. I still remember a game code from the Nintendo game Gauntlet that I played in early nineties, that code is HEX-Y6Y-W4I. You can use that code to get to the last level and beat the ubberboss.

Today I use only MSNIM for IM where I’m [email protected]

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