CL-O- Employed-O-

As of Monday CL will be officially employed a new job. I have to say that I believe that I have one of the most brilliant wives ever.

CL decided that she had enough of being at home all day long. With her mind made up she updated her resume, worked up a good cover letter and then sent in her resume to the one job that looked good to her on craigs list. The one job that she applied for, asked her in for an interview about a week later. I drove CL down there in the morning and dropped her off at the business about 15 minutes before the interview was to start. She was very cute when we go there, her hands were shaking and she was nervous. About 2 hours later I got a call to pick her up. I was already in the parking lot waiting for her. I was thinking that she would not want to wait for me for very long when she got done.

My hell hot, intelligent wife gets in the car and says ” I totally nailed it, they loved me” . On the way home, she told me all about the interview and how well it went. It sounded to me like she did nailed the interview from what she said. They told her that she would find out tomorrow or Monday if she was going to get the job or not. About an hour after we got home they called and offered her the job. Something about her totally wowing them and they did not need to interview anyone else because they knew that CL was perfect. What an amazing women that I married one application sent, one interview, and a job an hour after the interview. Or CL now has a job with a very nice salary to boot.

I am VERY proud of my wife right now.

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