Kim’s Birthday Piñata

We were planning a Poker party Saturday night with some friends and tacos. I was inviting more people the week before and Kim mentioned that she was turning 31 on Friday. I told her that if she came over for our party that we would get her a piñata. We loved the last piñata party and we’ve been looking for an excuse ever since to have another one. This seemed like a great excuse to have another one.

Blair and Caleb were the first few to arrive; it was simply brilliant to catch up with them. Too bad they both had to leave a bit early for other things. Blair was off to Beck’s birthday, and Caleb was off to some going away party for some friend of his. Everyone else arrived shortly after Blair and Caleb got here. Mainer and Manija showed up to make us all tacos for dinner. I cannot stress enough how good the Mainer tacos are. I could eat them ever night for a month and never tire of them.

We played some high stakes poker for a while; Not high stakes for everyone but for this house. Normally we only play a game for fun with a 5$ buy in. This time out we played with a 10$ buy in. Trenton performed well, he was in the top 5 out of 12 players. He’s getting better as he gets to play more. After the poker pot was split we beat the piñata, and fought over the candy and condoms. It was a great Saturday night, with great friends and marvelous foods. At one point in the fight for the candy Ron took Clint and owned him on the floor for a bit. That was more than entertaining to watch.

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