Tooth Hurtie

About a month ago the one wisdom tooth that’s come into my mouth sprung a leak. The cavity that was growing in the tooth broke through and it allowed stuff to touch the nerve. It causes much big heaps of pain and not good feelings. This was bad, and forced me to contact a dentist who sent me to an oral surgeon who today, is going to remove all 4 of my wisdom tooths. My top 2 are mostly in, and causing crowding, Additionally, as a bonus, they are so far back in my mouth and lower than the rest of my teeth that it’s not very simple at all to clean them. Translation they will both end up with cavities in them and cause me pain. My lower teeth seem to be well embedded in my jaw bone and will require some breaking of my jaw, oh joy. Thankfully I’ll be knocked out for the procedure, no eating for me for 12 hours before, and bit after, and then pain for the weekend, wee!

To properly commemorate the occasion I’m wearing my dentist T-shirt. I hope that they dentist loves it as much as I do. In case you can’t read it the picture says “I’ve got a perfect dental record” under the big tooth.

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