Tooth Hurties Part II

I went in Friday and had two wisdom tooths pulled from my mouth. The plan was to pull all four out, but after talking to the dentist we decided to only pull two. The dentist was great about all of it. He came in and sat down me before operating and said “that after looking at my x-rays that if this was his mouth that he would only pull out the top two wisdom teeth. That he would leave the bottoms in. They are not in bad shape, they are totally embedded in bone, and one of them is wrapped around the nerve” I love it when someone who is working on me is that honest and frank with me. He was very impressive to me at that time.

After the talk they put the gas mask on me and started giving me some gas to knock me out. I gave them my camera and requested that they get a few pictures of me while I was out cold and being worked on. They did an excellent job with that request and got a bunch of pictures. Like these two:

Me getting the Gas, I was just starting to get happy here

This is me getting the bad tooth out. This tooth was black and nasty it really needed to come out.

It’s a day later now and so far I am not hurting too much. I have not really taken anything other then amoxicillin and Ibuprofen. I am all about the anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-gettingsick drugs. I am not so much into the strait up painkillers. I got a prescription for perkiset (SP) and I don’t plan on taking any of it if I don’t have to. The doctor was very nice and prescribed pizza for me. He told Clint that I should eat that because it does not require that I open my mouth up that far. Clint said that we better get that in writing because CL would not believe us if we told her that. Clint also said that I was awfully funny when I got out of the place. I guess I yelled Pablo!!! How you doing when I was being rolled out to the car, and made a few other fun comments.

This was not as bad as I was thinking it was going to be, I am very pleased with the results.

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