Two Years and Counting

Over heard at lunch yesterday.

Me | wow we made it two years, I just cannot get over that, I normally get bored with girls by now
CL | I normally get bored way before this

There is never any witty dialog in our house, no never, not at all. I am thinking that we have found great partners in each other. I know from my point of view that I really could not ask for a better life partner then my CL. We’ve steadily become closer, and happier by the day since we meet many moons ago. We’ve been married for two years as of yesterday.

We started this marriage off so brilliantly with me being attacked by Fish Heads, then being denied entry back into the country. From there we moved onto a great wedding on the beach, mostly planned by me. I think that CL loved it that all she needed to do was show up and look pretty. After the wedding, we bought the mini and took a road trip honeymoon, which was actually a bunch of posts. With the wedding behind us, and the great honeymoon adventures, we had proven that we get along smashingly and that we make brilliant travel companions.

I am looking forward to all of the exciting adventures that will fill our lives together.




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