Move the Tub

I am doing a bit of a moving project this weekend, I am planning on moving my hot tub from my cabin to my house.  I will only have access to the boom truck at the cabin; this makes loading simple.  The boom truck is not licensed so I cannot drive it from my cabin to my house ( about 100 miles difference).  I am planning on bringing the tub over on the old ford with the flat bed / hydraulic dump bed. My issue is how do I get the tub off the dump bed. The truck is about 4 feet high in the back, and the tub weighs about 750 pounds, give or take a bit.

I was planning lifting the dump bed to about a 35-35 degree angle then dumping the tub off the truck onto two 2×6 beams set on the bed. I would then slide the tub down the beams. This plan is fine and all, but after drawing it out tonight I noticed that after I get the tub onto the beams that I then need to make the turn a corner and somehow end up flat behind the beams on the ground. I drew a picture to show what I am trying to do. The picture is VERY crude. Does anyone have an idea for me, that does not involve 8 people?

This is a picture of my pretty hot tub


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