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I made a 25-year donation commitment last week. I committed to donating 85$ a month for the next 300 months to the Methuselah Foundation. A foundation dedicated to stopping, and reversing the effects of ageing. I added my name to the list of soon to be 300 other people who will make this commitment. 2000 years ago it took potions laced with mercury and other chemicals, or prayer and spirits to live longer. 600 years ago alchemists, or fountains were going to make us live longer. Today we are starting to understand at the molecular and cellular level what causes ageing, and we are building the tools and understanding to combat these things in the body. I believe that this endeavor is one of the greatest scientific endeavors currently underway. I hope that I’m able to live long enough to see some of the results of Mr. Aubrey de Gray and the work that he is spearheading.

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