Weekend Update with Kevin

For the most part CL and I had a nice simple laid back weekend. We got some cleaning done, some TV watching accomplished, we did a bit of some shopping, installed the new automated liter box gadget in the cat room, and had a few decent meals. CL accomplished much laundry over the weekend. She washed our new curtains, hemmed them, and then we hung them back up. We watched all of the shows that we recorded over the last week, and had not watched yet due to late work schedules. We went to Costco and got some soaps and a few other things, then to the pet store to get some cat rood. I ordered an auto cleaning pet box last week from Amazon that we installed this weekend. It scoops the poo into a bag for you.

Clinton was gone in the PO putting a new engine in one of my dad’s dump trucks for the weekend. Dad bought the truck for 1000$ knowing it had a blown motor. Then he found a motor from a bus and bought that for about 2000$, thinking that it would fit. The motor did not really fit, but it could be made to fit. Clint and Dad talked about the motor for a good hour Wednesday night and figured out how to get it in there. I asked Clint later if he was going to install it and he says ” your dad did not ask, I did not offer” not two minutes later my dad comes into the room and says ” 2000$ if you put it in” Clint looks at me and smirks. I said, Clint you should do it but outsource some of the work to Joey. Pay Joey 500$ to do some of the work and you get the rest. Then I was thinking even better! Give Joey the truck that we have in the yard that he wants in exchange for the work. This is a total win-win for everyone. Joey gets his truck, dad gets his truck, Clint gets some money, and We get the truck out of the yard.

This conversation happened back on Wednesday night. To get the truck back to PO we needed to haul home the car hauler trailer. Clint had shown up in the PO after five days of hiking (hunting without shooting anything) with his dad; we had not seen each other in a while. Instead of driving home in separate cars with an empty trailer, we loaded the mini on to the car trailer and hauled it home that way. It was nice to catch up on the 1.7 hour drive home instead of riding home alone in separate cars. This was the second time that the mini rode on a car trailer. The first was when the front tires dissolved, and the mini needed to be hauled to get new tires. With the trailer at home, Clint loaded the truck and headed to the PO first thing Saturday morning to work on the engine. I guess that Clint almost got done with the engine installation after 2 days of working on it.

Somehow, while pulling out of the drive way with the trailer it seems that Clint ran over one of the drive way lights. We are down from 10 to about 4 left after this loss. We might need to install some new lights here soon. We are thinking that we will the set from Costco with the solar panels that do not require wiring. I noticed the destroyed light Saturday afternoon while walking out to get the mail, and promptly called Clint to give him a hard time. Friday I had my review at work, for the most part I did real well.

I have the usual for me review areas to work on. My proof reading and writing quality need to improve, but we already knew that. Another thing that came out of my review is a goal of mine to become better at creating and giving presentations. One of the things that I’m doing to help improve this skill is to watch others present, and see what they create for presentation slides. While CL was all over the house cleaning Sunday I loaded up www.ted.com on the Media center PC and watched various presentations. Some of them were brilliant; others were good, none of them were less than good. A few things that I noted from the presentations were that the slides were well scripted to the talk, with animations and slides that fit for jokes or stabs at humor. Also a good deal of the slides had real pictures in them vs. created graphics. I’ll write on this one later, for now I was just out to create a quick update, and I think that I’ve done that.

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