Question : My Duck Needs an IPhone, How do I Sync it with Exchange

I do a good deal of online support / question and answer type stuff. Occasionally I get in a funk where I just want to answer questions based on what is really being asked and not based on what the question really is. This morning I’m in that funk. The question relates to syncing the IPhone with Exchange, and here is my answer.

Question : My Duck just bought an IPhone because they are cool, How do I Sync it with Exchange

Answer : I would read RFC 2060…
<== this is the RFC describing IMAP4

Answer in Rant form : RFC 2060 should give you what you need… if only there was ActiveSync for the iphone. Are you sure that your duck does not want the Juke by Verizon? It has cool commercials and looks very shinny as well, or perhaps the LG voyager it is an Iphone look like phone? There are lots of shinny phones out there, but is shine and good marketing really the way to chose the phone?

I chose my most recent phone based on features that I want and use. I bought a Samsung I760 with windows mobile 6. It natively Syncs everything that I need out of Outlook Exchange, gives me the browsing powers that I need, games I like, voice recorded that I use, tactical feedback QWERTY keyboard that I love, plus the small t9 key board on the front that makes dialing a bit simpler when the voice recognition forgets how to hear my wife’s name.

Shinny might be nice in an elevator or on a date, but at the end of the day, for me, my phone is a productivity and communications tool that I chose based on its ability to add efficiency to my life.

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