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Over the weekend we had the Mainer boys move into the house. CL and I spent Saturday and Sunday painting Trenton’s old pink room some better earth tones, then we painted a few walls in Michaels room. CL likes white electrical things, vs. the off white that seems to be prevalent in older houses. I like to make CL happy so I replaced all of the plugs and switches in the rooms that we painted. Out of 8 or 9 of them I only shocked myself twice, not too bad for me. After one of the shocks CL tells me that I need to be sure to be shocked on my right side to keep the shock away from my heart, she is such a loving wife.

After everyone gets all settled into their new rooms, I am going to have to hold a class on how to operate the house. How bad is this, that my house is complicated enough that it requires a training class? I wonder if I should write a manual. Take for example, the upstairs media area that controls the Plasma screen. In order to make that work right you need to turn on the top stereo in the hall closet, set it to DVD multi channel, and set the volume at about 45, 55 if you are watching a DVD. The bottom stereo in that closet runs the bedroom and kitchen speakers. If you are running both tuners in the cabinet at the same time, then you need to turn the second cooling fan in the cabinet up to full speed. After you turn on the sound, you can turn on the TV on the wall, and start hunting for the remote. The TV is run by a Windows Vista Media Center computer that presents you with options, of pictures, movies, music, live TV, or recorded TV.

You know little stuff like that, that makes the house more complicated. I really should go write a manual.



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