Kevin Miller 2007 Wish List

I know that I am in a pain the arse to shop for, since I have a habit of wanting expensive things, or buying what I want, or not wanting too many things.. I did this last year with some success, and I am going to do it again this year. The following is my 2007 wish list, be sure to check back often as I find cool new things that I want

  • Eye-FI SD card for my Camera This baby will allow me to upload pictures to the Miller picture website without plugging my camera into anything.
  • I would like to have someone steal my Sun Glasses from me, ship them in to get new lens, new rubber on the nose, and have the frames fixed
  • RAM TomTom Mount for the Miller BMW 1150RT motorcycle
  • A large gift certificate to cover my shirt woot obsession
  • A nice torch lamp with a potentiometer control so that we can dim it where it is comfortable. Then we can more control over the light in the living room and blind people less.
  • 2 – 4 hours of time at Slave to the Needle to get some work done
  • Some nice Cameo shorts in size 36″
  • Some Under Armour Boxers in a size medium, and Black in Colour
  • Full spectrum desk lamp like this one
  • A pack of LED replacement light bulbs to replace some of the lights in our house
  • A 500 chip case filled with custom poker chips that have a hedonists logo on them
  • A hugemunguous MicroSD card for my pretty new cell phone.


Yes there is a theme here, I do pretty much all of my shopping at

Do check back I will update this in the month or so to come with new cool things as I come up with them.

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