Red Robin *WOW*

We went to dinner last night at Red Robin with Clint, Tyler, and Jess. The dinner was for Clems to say goodbye to the Clint. Dinner was good as always, we had more than enough to eat. You expect to have a pretty consistent experience when you visit a national chain such as the Red Robin. What I was not expecting, should have known knowing America, was the massive amount of calories and fat in the foods there. Before we went to get the foods I was looking at the Red Robin website to see how bad for me some of the meals were. The result of that looking was insanity.

For starters the Red Robin website was very annoying. They did not have a table that listed what was in things like you would expect a normal food site to have. Instead, they had a flash based thing that forced you to click about 4 different times to get to the nutritional facts page. Once at the page you had to expand everything to see it. Calories is a button that once you click it expands to show the calories, and so for all of the other food stats. So very annoying, it took forever to figure out what each food item was worth. I like the A1 pepper corn burger. After looking at that burger and eating it, it turns out that the burger is worth about 105 calories, and 8 grams of fat per bite. For a total of 1400 calories, or about all that I am trying to eat in a day right now. CL did some more looking after we got home and figured that about the only thing with less than 1000 calories on the menu is a bowl of French onion soup. These is something with that when you add in the bottomless fries that are almost as bad as the burger and a drink, you are looking at almost 3000 calories for a meal.

Now for the picture, don’t me and Clint look good together in this one?

Dinner was a good time, minus people stealing my camera deleing pictures before I even had a chance to look at them.

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