Sad Bike

I got up the this morning when I normally get up, kind of I got up when I normally say I am going to get up. I guess you could call that sleeping in since I am normally up annoyed that I am up an hour of more before that. It took me a bit longer to get out of bed than normal, One I was very tired, and Two just because. Anyhow, after the usual shower I was confronted with another getting me to late issue, My house had been cleaned by Morgen ( was very nice of her) but I did not really know where all of my ridding gear was, and Mainer vacuumed last night and moved more stuff around. After a bit of rummaging I eventually found all of my gear and suited up. I am now running like 25 minutes by the OCD Kev clock, oh well I can deal with this and not freak out too much.

 I get on the bike and push out of the garage, close the door, and start on my ride to work. I make it to second gear a bit past the church on my street and my clutch stops working… WTF? I get off and pull on the clutch lever repeatedly hoping that it will magically work again; no matter how hard I wish it does not work. Totally annoyed, I get off the bike and push it back home. I don’t even know if the thing is cable, or hydraulic. Seriously the bike works I have not needed to figure out how yet, right? Turns out it is hydraulic, and it looks like it is low on fluids. I add some more and pull the lever a bunch more hoping again. Bloody hell, there seems to be a puddle forming under my bike.

Obviously there is a leak in the slave cylinder, or in the cable, or the cable cylinder connection, and I am not going to fix it right now. So I go back inside get all of my gear off, take my camera out of my bike ( I had to strap down the monopod to make it work) then load my middle bag into the mini and off to work. By now I am about an hour late to work, and I get to sit at a few lights way longer then I normally do. To top off my morning is light out on the way in and somehow this causes me to actually miss the turn to my work. Go figuring being able to see where I am going makes it harder for me to get here….

I finally make it to work, yeah. Looks like I have a new project for tonight, fixing my bike.

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