Pumping Blake Island

The sewer district responsible for the onsite sewage system on Blake Island contracted my Father and Brother to come over and pump out a 12,000 gallon tank. To do this they drove to a park on Bainbridge island and backed both trucks onto a barge at the right time. The timing had to be just right with the tides so that the water was deep enough at the launch on both sides of the trip. Once they were loaded the Barge they were hauled over to the island where they pumped out the tanks. After the tanks were pumped they backed back onto the barge and were hauled back to Bainbridge. I guess that the loading going over was not that bad but the loading on the return trip was a bit of a challenge.

The trucks weigh a great deal more when they have 3,000 gallons of "stuff in them". The added weight caused the barge to tilt and move more than it did on the way over. The barge needed to pull out and back in to the shore between the loading of first truck and the second truck because of how the weight made the barge sit and tilt in the water. Once the second truck was loaded the barge started to take on water and was a bit stuck in the mud. Dad was told that sometimes they rock the truck on the barge to get it unstuck. With both trucks taking up the barge deck that was not really an option. Luckily they had a Backhoe on the island that was able to push the barge back out into the water.


They were only able to make one run the first night, and had to wait for the morning to make the next run with the tides. Dad and Ross got up at 4:30am to drive back up to Bainbridge to make the 5:30 push off time of the second run over. Sounds like they had a great time. Next time they go and do it I plan on going over in the seadoo and getting some good shots with the nice Canon camera.


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