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I’ve been wanting to get a scanner with a document feeder to scan all of the paper photos that I have into a digital format. You would think that this would be a simple thing to do, but it is not. Searching the interwebs for “photo scanner feeder” and all variations of that does not really turn up anything that does what I want. I looked at all of the big electronic sites to see what they listed and was less then pleased with the options. I felt for a while like I was the only person looking for something to do this. After a day of looking I found an Epson model that had a picture document feeder, scanned film, and slides and looked to be perfect. I went to order one, only to discover that had been discontinued and that there seems to be no comparable replacement. WTF is the deal here? I think that I have found a comparable option for about 450$ the V500 with the optional document feeder. I want to be sure that I am getting the right thing, and the write ups do not seem to help me, so I am right now on the phone with Epson. John, the person that I am talking too seems to be reading to me from the product documentation. This is not what I want at all, he says that the document feeder does not seem to indicate that it can scan photos ( I read this too, but other have said that it works for photos as long as you keep things clean)

I asked him to find me something that will do what I want for less than 500$. 10 minutes later I am still waiting for him to come back with my answer. I have no clue why this is such a hard question to answer, something really seems to be wrong here. I would think that this would be a more common question. Well John told me that they don’t have a product that does what I want, but that they might be working on but he cannot say anything about that. I now don’t know what to buy.

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