Pain and Bikes

I’ve had a persistent shoulder pain for about 7 months now. It is progressively gotten worse, and worse. It is now to the point where it is hard to do things. I’ve been doing physical therapy, taking medications, stretching, icing it, heating and vibrating it. I have even changed how I lay when I sleep. Not much seems to help.   

Wednesday I have an appoint to see a Doctor he comes highly recommended. I hope that he can fix me.  On the phone they asked, is this from a car accident or an L&I claim. I said, well I’ve been in lots of car accidents that might have added to this, but they are not the root cause as far as I know…

On a better note, I got a new R1 yesterday!. This makes me very happy.

Kev on his new R1, it is very shinny

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