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In my day job I end up with a great deal of writing. for that matter the group that I work in does a lot of writing. I did a project earlier this year where the amount of rewrites that I did killed my productively. One of the results of that is that I now highlight text in a document as I finish working with it in different colours to let me know if I can or should touch it again. Today in a meeting one of the ducks hinted that we needed something like what I have been doing. That made me put some words to paper about what I am doing. I added the following bits of texts to our internal company how to write wiki thing. I like the idea so much I figured I would share.


To ensure that we consistently track work in documents while as we are writing highlight the work in the document using the following colour codes:

         Red = I “borrowed” this and it should be reworded

         Yellow = This is 90% sure I can rewrite if I have too but I should consider it done

         Green = This is done, If I touch it I have to pull 19 hairs out of my head.

         Purple = This is what I was doing when I left the document yesterday

         Nothing = still working on it

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