Pink Suns

To add to my ferry ride form earlier this week I am working to try to enjoy the things that are around me more than I ever have before. I was a bit late to work this morning because I stopped and pulled off of the road and looked at the sun rise above the valley in Woodinville. The sun was a gorgeous pink- reddish coloured orb raising above the trees, and burning off the little bit of fog on the valley floor. It was hard to get a picture of it, but I tried…










I almost stopped a second time. After I left my spot and rode down the street some more the cloud moved to cover part of sun, It looked a bit like the eye of Ra. If I had the better camera I would have gotten another picture and played with it.

A great start to my day!!! I cannot wait for tonight to come, to get home from work, and things to come…..

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