Year of Change Part Broccoli

Change is a big part of life in general; it is a huge part of my life. It is hard to have one with out the other. Sometimes the changes can be more then you expect, or then you want. This Last year has been a year of great changes in my life. I went from being married, to being single, in a relationship, to being single again. I went from feeling good about my finances to wonder how I am going to make it from time to time. I traveled to Colorado, London, Paris, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, and various places in the middle. I sold a house and did not buy a replacement. I bought a new motorcycle, bought a Samurai, and sold my Mini Cooper. I took on two new roommates, and lost a long-term roommate (Clint moved to California after 4 years of living together) It has been a fun year in my world, that’s for sure I don’t see anything on the horizon to let me know that it might slow down anytime soon.

Because I like pictures and I seem to be obsessed with broccoli lately (another new thing, well not totally now, but the amount that I am eating is new) Here is a picture of dinner last night. A nice big bowl of steamed broccoli with a bit of some cheese melted over the top. Can you really go wrong with this much broccoli and cheese?

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