Dinner with Michelle at Red Robin

I am going to work on a new mission. A. I need to be a better writer. Becoming a better writer involves practicing. B. Blogging is one way that I have tried to practice. I need to blog more often and I get bored writing about tech all the time. I would rather write about fun stuff. C. I take heaps of pictures and post them all, so why not write more about the pictures and events of the albums. That being said I am going to try to make a blog post every time I create an album in my gallery. I hope I am able to last. On August 18 Michelle came over for the night. We, her, Trenton, and myself, had some dinner at Red Robin. As we were walking in Trenton noticed some signs with interesting sayings on them. . He loved the parking signs so much he had to pose next to both of them, and get a picture.

While we were eating dinner after Michelle tried to borrow some drinks for the home bar I took to trying to capture pictures of Trenton loving his bacon cheeseburger. That boy really loves Bacon and it shows in his face. I got a great one of him with his eyes rolled back in his head. After dinner we went home, played some scrabble, and took in a movie.

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