Summer Time with Trenton

Picked Trenton up from the PO. It was the start of the last two weeks of the month that he gets to spend with me. It was good to see him.  From his house we went to visit the rants for a bit and had some brilliant apple pie. Mom made it fresh before we got there. Trenton was getting his piece all ready and I swooped in and took it from him right as he was about to eat it. I am such a great dad. Grandma convinced him to not fight me for it and he got another larger piece.

After the pie and catching up we headed home on the ferry. I was playing and for a few shots of our helmets on the bench between the seats.

After we got home we had some dinner, hung out, and caught up. I love ridding on the motorcycle with Trenton because it is me and him talking. He got about an hour about everything that has been going on since we last hung out. I love the great open communication Trenton and I have.

 After we caught up we played a game of scrabble with Michael. At one point after I spelled penis or was trying to spell bullshit for a double triple word score I had Trenton rolling on the floor laughing. This is a great start to what I hope will be a brilliant week.

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