Trenton Beat Tyler

The plan was for Trenton and I to head over to the Clem’s house, have some dinner then return with the video camera. Trenton and Tyler were playing Xbox while Jess and I were chatting on MSN and that all changed. Trenton challenged Tyler ” If I get more kills then you then you have to come over here for dinner” Tyler accepted and Trenton kicked his butt. In the challenge Trenton had offered to cook the Clems some Pizza. Trenton cooked a full sized pizza and I cooked up a pan of English muffin pizzas. After dinner we watched Step Brothers in the living room while Lily napped. She is a perfect baby and rolling all over the place now. I laid out a blanket for her to roll on, and she kept rolling off it. While the movie was playing I baked up some cookies and served those with milk. It was a good night.


The next morning I get an IM from Trenton at about 6:30 telling me that he is still up playing halo almost to level 30. That boy sure is enjoying his freedom. Before I went to bed I told him what his chores were for the day. I like to give him something to do every day. This morning when he checked in he asked about his chores again, we went over them, and at about 8 they are all done. I wonder when he will pass out today?

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