Let the Ride Begin

Last night Trenton and I worked out our route and did most of the packing to be able to leave tonight for a long bike trip. We are going to ride down the Oregon coast to about Redding in CA, then cut over to Tahoe and Reno. After Reno we are going to ride across the desert into Utah and ride the salt flats. From there we are going to head up into Idaho and with a destination of Silver wood theme park where Trenton hopes to go on a bunch of rides. After the rides we are going to come on home and head to the lake to play some Black Jack with the fam. Should be a fun time! we are both very excited. This is 9 days of cloths for the two of us laid out to be packed.


All of the above pictures cloths were able to fit into a single wet dry bag that I strapped, with Rokstraps, onto the top of the right side hard case on the bike.

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