Sexy Ponies!!

Brian and Michelle, friends form the bay area, recently returned from spending some time touring Europe. They are members of my TechSanctuary email group. Part of group membership means they need to take pictures and post trip reports, not really required but we all seem to enjoy it.. One of the first pictures that Brian posted to the group after getting back he posted for me. He posted the following picture of a naughty pony, that I think that I want as a print to hang on the wall.














Which motivated me to finally guy the print of the pony shirt that Morgen got me from threadless.









 I love odd art, and I love to ask people to buy me a pony. Never have figured out where that obsession comes from, but it is there and I go with it. I do not like ponies in real live. I have no desire to be near them, like Les and sheep, I find them smelly and icky, yet fun to talk about.

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