An UnTopless Morning

I got up this morning at about 0505, rolled over and picked up my laptop. I opened it up and turned down the brightness [1], as the laptop was resuming from hibernation to lessen the blow to my eyes going from asleep to bright light in my face. Once the laptop was up I logged onto my terminal server and read some emails. I got a few good ones from some special people who enjoy giving me great emails rambling on about things to read as I wake up. After the emails I connected to an email server I was messing with last night trying to make OWA work on, and I rebooted it. Reboots solve everything with Windows servers right? Morning emails and work out of the way I got out of bed and did the shower and teeth cleaning things, put on some deodorant, got dressed and proceeded to the living room to get my stuff to head to work.

I note that it is very dark in the house this early; the days are getting shorter and this annoys me. As I am muttering to myself I see a lump on the couch and hear a bit of a snore. In the dark it is hard to tell what it is. Upon closer inspection I see that it is Trenton sleeping. I wonder when he left his room and came up to the couch? I’ll have to ask him that when he gets up and IMs me this morning. I rummage around the house in the dark finding the stuff that goes in my pockets. The stuff was simpler to find this morning because I cleaned my desk off last night and put all of it in the proper bin on the desk where it should live all the time. With full pockets, a hat on my head, and some cloths on [3] I left the house to the garage and looked at my Zoo sitting there without a top on. I looked at the driveway and noticed rain falling; these two things done mix. 20 minutes later, I had to remount some stuff that I took off to put on the half top, I had a top on my Zoo, and a bit of sadness in my lungs [4]. Putting the top on the car means that summer is over right? The fact that my vacation was cut short, due to Trenton getting sick, and that I was getting in my Zoo to go to work made the sadness that much heavier.

Here is a picture of my sad untopless zoo in the parking lot at work. Even sad it is a badarse ride.


[1] FN + DOWN ARROW for my Dell laptop[2]
[2] Hi Les!
[3] No I was not topless as I left the house
[4] The comment “I heart you” always gets a response from me of ” I lung you”

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