A Thursday at 3sharp

Yesterday was a good work day, and a great home day, despite my hugemungous headache. I had a bunch of little moments at work that made for a great day. There were donuts in the break room again, I am proud that I only ate half of a maple bar. Some day I might learn to resist the power of the donut. As I was walking down the hall to rest room after eating my donut in the break room I noticed a group of 3sharpers gathered in an office looking at a monitor. I had to get a picture of that, that I then titled “3Sharp employees gather in an office to discuss plans of world domination. That was a bit of a laugh. After that laugh we were in a meeting in James’s office and I was bouncing on the blue ball again when a huge bug behind Jeff caught my eye. I got up off the ball to go get a picture of the bug. As soon as I was off the ball Tim jumped in, took my position on the ball and made a pose that made me need to a picture of him.

As I slowly approached the bug Jeff looked at me with wonder, as in I wonder what he is going to do to me wonder. Then he turned his gaze to the bug that I was staring at and understood what I was doing. As I got close to the bug to get a picture it started to fly. That moment it jumped at Jeff and made him jump and scream like a Jeff. It was brilliant I wish I had had the video camera on. We eventually tossed the bug out the window and continued on with the meeting. The meeting was much better after all of the laughter. After the meeting Tim, Erica, and Myself took off to get some Mexican food for Lunch. I played dress up in the back of the car with some cloths that I found on the seat. We had some red fruity blended drinks that I paired off with a pork mole enchilada. We had great conversation and brilliant foods. From lunch it was back to work to do some real work on the EDPS project. Then home. A brilliant workday if you ask me. I got stuff done and had fun.

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