Last night Bacon Kid / Turned into a Rant

After I got done at 3sharp yesterday I drove on over to Zebra and did some talking with Bill and Brian. It seems that yesterday was a very good day for us. We signed into law a contract between us and a very prestigious banking clearing house. More on this in the coming months as the company starts to solidify and take off. If all goes according to our evil plans in a few years we will change the way America pays for healthcare, and take over the industry like Amazon did with online shopping. Sorry about the side track there, I get excited about that place. Anyhow, after Zebra visit I went home to see my kid. He actually came out the front door when I got home all excited to see me. He spent the day upstairs out of his Xbox cave. I think he is starting to feel better, and getting bored with all of the Xbox. He walked out to get the mail with me and told me all about his day, and a phone call he had with his mom.


Back to my day. I got home to be met by Trenton, that was great, he was in a very good mood. That put me in a good mood, even if I was steaming on the inside about his mom. We went inside after getting the mail and caught up on our days. He told me about his, I told him about mine. I Love talking to my kid, it is amazing how much of an adult he can be some times. He wanted me to watch Eureka with him, so we snuggled up on the couch and watched two episodes of that. I fell asleep near the end of the second one. I was having a massive headache and I needed to sleep some of it off. I recall almost waking up and hearing Trenton and Michael talk about bacon burgers at one point, but that was not enough to fully wake me. Eventually I woke up to the smell of sweet bacon filling the house, and I meandered into the kitchen. Trenton was in the kitchen cooking bacon. I asked what was up, and he said that I was not feeling well so he was cooking dinner for me. I have such an awesome kid. Not only was he cooking bacon to make Chicken bacon burgers but he had cut up some celery and apples to go along with it. On top of that he arranged them on a plate and tried to make them look pretty, knowing that I love good presentation with my foods.

My headache was to the point where I was vomiting and feeling nauseous so I was not really into eating. Trenton was so nice I had to eat some of it. I managed some apples and celery. Trenton had a chicken patty with bacon on top and some apples for dinner. It was so fantastic that he made the effort. He is such a loving child; snuggling on the couch with me, holding hands, then making me food. As he was eating we started a game of chess in the living room. I was making up moves. I think that I started with guefffeenhausen middlewark offensive, followed by the tit offensive. While we were playing Michelle showed up, that girl works late in her therapist job. She brought lunch / dinner with her. She had not had a chance to eat at work so she brought it home. She was very impressed with the sweet smell of bacon when she entered the door, a girl that eats meat? how did that happen? After Trenton and I played Chess Michelle and Trenton played a game while I laid on the floor and wallowed in pain. After the game the five of us laid on the couch, watched some TV, and BSed until about 10 or so. When we all peeled out of the living room and went to our rooms. Trenton says he was up till 4, I know I was up till about 1 or so, don’t know about the Mainers. Michelle and I had some great chatting time in bed for a few hours before passing out. I love good communications!!

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