Black Jack / Lake / B-day Weekend

I was almost done writing this post when word decided to crash on me. I had three other documents open at the time that I had saved at one time or another. When word recovered from the crash there was nothing of the work that I had on the any of the documents there. I love computers. Let’s see if I can finish this write up without it crashing on me again. NOTE | word has crashed 4 times so far in writing this post. I wonder if I should reboot?

It was a long weekend in my world. Saturday will be another quick post so we will fast-forward over that to Sunday. I got up early and cleaned up the kitchen after painting it the night before; it turned out good. I put the cabinet back in place with the help of Martin, took down all of the masking tape, cleaned some more paint off of the floor, moved the furniture back to its home and did some general striating up. When that was done I went down and woke up Trenton to come help Manija move. That was two hours of loading up the elevator, unloading the elevator, listening to the elevator buzz, and hauling things out to the huge u-haul Van. Morgen and Martin came to help us out, I somehow lost all of my pictures, but Morgen managed to get a few. To say thanks for the move help the Mainers got us some BurgerMaster. We had the BaconMaster burgers and some milk shakes; they were amazing!! While we were helping move Michelle was nice and cleaned the kitchen. I don’t know what she did to the tile but I have not felt or seen it be so clean since CL lived with me.

After the move we loaded up our kit into Michelle’s car and drove around the sound to the rants house. I gave Michelle the quick 15 minute tour of the Miller Compound while Trenton took a shower. The boy lives like he is in sub Saharan Africa where they don’t have tooth paste, underwear, or showers. On occasion you have to beat him out of his Xbox cave, and make him catch up to the first world USA cleanliness habits and bath himself. Sunday was one of those days for the boy. After the tour, I took a shower, Trenton feed the dogs, we loaded stuff into the Escape and we took off for the lake. We got to the lake and everyone geared up and went for a dirt bike ride, sans me and Michelle and mom. It rained for a bit about 10 minutes after they all left. That was the only rain of the day.

Michelle and I went for a walk around the dock, and the lake while the boys where off gallivanting on the golf cart. I was showing off my childhood playground. We stopped in to Tim’s house where I was hoping to have a shot of tequila from a bottle that I got for him a month or so ago. Looked to me like he was already working on the bottle as he greeted us. With a zest of excitement he invited us on a boat ride around the lake that we gladly accepted. We had a nice time chatting, and ridding around the lake looking at houses. I remember being younger and ridding around the lake and looking at small cabins or tent cities on the lots around the lake. Now the lake lots are covered in 4000 square foot summer houses all adorned with docks and boats and floating things like trampolines. It is amazing how much money has come to this little lake over the last few decades. Michelle and I played some more “I Never” on the boat until the tequila bottle was drained into my tummy. It would seem that she is much better at the game then I am.

After the boat ride I took the empty tequila bottle and filled it with water and drank it the rest of the night and acted exaggerated around the cabin. I have fun making my family wonder what is going on with me. Many of them commented that it was odd to see me drink; I drank to the comment. The bottle is now on my desk at work, I think that I will make it my new full time water bottle. Why not, it is a nice glass bottle. When we got back from the boat ride we had a bunch of snack food, some cake, some hotdogs, and then played blackjack till the wee hours ( like 10:40 for us old farts) I think that I walked away even, and Michelle was up like 6$. Who knows if she won those dollars or if she borrowed them from me? My poker partner most of the night was Chad Junior, E. He had a great time with me bank rolling him.

We stayed the night in the new little cabin that dad built over the winter on a mildly comfy bed. We got up in the morning to French toast with the fam and then headed back into town for a quick stop to play pool, swap cars, then back on the road again to Michelle’s rants house. We left Trenton with my parents so Mom could take him school cloths shopping, and because Trenton wanted to stay. I let Trenton exercise his own wishs and spend some of it with his grandparents. He said he had a brilliant time shopping with grandma, and shooting at things with grandpa. While Trenton was off doing that Michelle and I went to her parents house for the day to have lunch and hangout. Being Michelle’s B-day she wanted to go get some presents, and see the Family. Before we took off there from my rants house we picked some flowers around the yard for Michelle’s mothers. My momma raised me up good, I know what I should do when I meet new peoples.

En route there was a bug in one of the flowers that Michelle tried to unsuccessfully to flick out the window. I ended up pulling off the road and she opened the door to eventually beat the bug out of the now less then fresh looking flower. It was very entertaining to watch. After like a million and three miles we finally made it to her parents house. We hung out in the house for a bit chatting and touring, until we got hungry. With empty tummies and her parents, brother and his partner in tow, we loaded into some Van like mini thing and drove to Chinese. mmm We loves some Chinese. I was the odd man out not ordering the number 4, I ordered a number 7 and I ate it with chopsticks. I always have to be the one man out. Our Waiter DanO, might have chosen a bad story and joke delivery but he did a descent job of keeping us feed and watered, so I tipped him my usual 5$. We had some good food, cake, horrible ice cream, and great conversations with Michelle’s rants, and brothers. This is Michelle looking cute at her rants house

Another million miles later we were home. We watched Crank with Martin, snacked a bit, talked with Michael and Manija, then went to bed. There might have been some intentional head board banging as Michael was walking by to his room that he might have heard, that potentially lead him to say ” you be careful in there, head injuries are no joke” That comment and the headboard could have lead to a great deal of laughter… The end to a great long fun weekend. Michael might have then commented this morning saying ” Sounded like you two were playing forts and it was battle time last night” I love that I have such brilliant people in my life!

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