I don’t wanna do this but it is about my road trip so I have to

I am Trenton miller for those of you who don’t know me I was born in a hospital when my dad was about 17 turning 18.  I just recently went on a 600 mile bike ride with him on a motor bike, not a bicycle, and we went to a couple cool places such as….. we stayed with his buddy Bob Hickey and went to powells book store and we bought me a book called The rangers apprentice battle for scandia.  Here is a picture of me hunting for a book in powells.

And another of My Dad, Me and Bob in front the motor bike in front of Bob’s apartment

In the morning we left Bob’s house and we proceeded to go to breakfast at a place with lots of bacon mmmmmmmmmmmm bacon eating bacon is one of my greatest hobby’s along with halo3 and test drive unlimited sorry I got off topic as you read more of my blogs you will find out how much farther off topic I will get and I am very random as you will read in further posts.  Here I am enjoying my sweet bacon breakfast


so back on topic we then proceeded on our way to a subway where my favorite sandwich is a double bacon sandwich with extra lettuce and extra olive super olives a ton of them and I also like pickles extra pickles and a whole bunch of pepper!!!!!! wrapped in roasted garlic bread and then toasted to a crisp.  ok so at a different subway in Florence, OR I was being my self addicted to gambling and was digging in the trash for extra left behind stickers on the wrappers or on the cups.  The day before the garbage diving incident, on our way to the tillamook cheese factory and I realized that I was getting sicker and sicker so I told my dad that, and he said we would go to the dunes and then go home.  On our way to the dunes we saw a trunkless car and a farmer with two huge helicopters in his front yard so we had to turn around and get a picture of that and it was pretty amazing. To see the rest of the pictures click this link . That’s my one page story that dad made me write.


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