Weekend 2 September 2008 – Friday

Last week was a very busy week for me, filled with heaps of work, tones of fun time and very little sleep. Friday after work I went home and took a nap for a bit until some Txt messages started to come in. They almost woke me all the way up but I fought and napped with my phone in my hand between messages. The little naps were enough to carry me until about 2am at Devin’s party, when I finally snuck into my bed to snuggle with Michelle and sleep for a bit.

Somewhere last week I volunteered to host a B-day part for Devin, a co-worker of mine at 3Sharp. Tim, my office husband and I made snacks for the party, and most everyone brought some sort of beer to drink. We BSed around the house, played some poker, played some call of duty, and generally had a brilliant time. Thanks to all of my coworkers and Devin’s friends for coming over and providing a great evening! some of the highlights of the party include:

  • Jerizmo providing a great video on the TV about putting beer in the belly [1]
  • I bought Martin out of the poker game when I made him go all in against me without looking at my cards, I think that bugged him.
  • Devin taught the plebes how to play poker and they all did pretty good.
  • In the end Martin and I Split the pot. it was enough to get me to the PO the next morning
  • We had some great jokes and conversations, but I cannot remember the best of.
  • Devin totally owned my kid at Call of Duty. it’s good to let the boy get beat some times.

We had a great time, thanks for having a Birthday Devin!

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