Weekend 2 September 2008 – Saturday

Saturday was pretty intense. For starters we were up until about 2am or so at the party the night before, so we were a bit tired when we got up at 6am to get ready for the day. We had to get up so early to leave to make the Ferry to the PO. I wanted to take the bike to conserve on commuting costs [1] but I figured that Trenton would be better served being able to sleep in the Zoo. While he was getting up [2] and getting ready I put part of the top on the Zoo to make it a bit warmer and more comfortable for the drive. To make it more comfortable for me we took the ferry over so I could get some nap time in. It was early enough that we were treated to a nice view of the sun coming up off of the back of the boat.

We arrived at practice on time; almost early. Trenton spent about 3 hours on the field running around and showing some great effort. his effort greatly Impressed me. They ran a bit late and we missed the ferry I had wanted to be one; oh well it was good exercise, and we ended up having plenty of time to get where we wanted to go. After practice we ran by the rants house to get Trenton some cloths, a game for his grandma, and a snack for us. He forgot his clothes, we could not find the game, but we managed to get some food; not a total success, but it worked. After that we raced to the ferry and drove to the Khole where we met up with Martin, Dines, Smith, and Mainer and unloaded a big huge U-Haul into a semi-smallish place. I hope that they are able to find a place for everything.

To say thanks for the hour of unloading Mainer and Manija took us out to someplace on the water front in the Khole for snacks. We had some great baked goat cheese, prawns, some salads, and a teriyaki meat thing that was amazing. The meat literally melted in your mouth with moisture and flavour. Trenton and Martin had a competition to see who could make consuming the meat goodness a more drawn out experience. Martin did better on smaller bits, and Trenton lasted longer on chewing his last piece. I claim that Martin won the battle.After the meat goodness we went home and relaxed on the couch, and in the Xbox cave for the rest of the night.

[1] 12$ vs 40$ in the car with the cost of fuel and ferry
[2] he was somehow awake when I went to wake up, already stirring

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