Living the Dream

This morning I had a bit of an issue. When I was talking about this issue in a meeting Devin described it perfectly.

I got up at about 5am this morning ( went to bed at 1 due to some unexpected battle time, plus I drove 180 miles on the bike) so I was a bit more tired then I normally am in the mornings ( this is my excuse ). I managed to shower, kiss Michelle good bye, get dressed, get all of motorcycle gear on and get to work before sunup. Not bad on 4 hours of stress out sleep right after battle and drama, Right? Well I left out one part, that makes it less then not bad. I forgot to put pants on. I put all of my gear on over my underwear, not over my shorts. When I got to work my ridding pants nearly feel off. I was a bit excited thinking maybe I had lost some weight, nope I had forgotten my pants (in my case shorts). Luckily I always carry a spare pair with me ( like a boyscott I am always prepared for anything) My co-workers have gotten a heap of laughs out of this for me.

Devin described this perfectly with these ” Kevin is living the dream.. Only the Dream is the nightmare of coming to work with no pants”

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