I Win – I am full of Win

I like to play pranks and such on my co-workers from time to time, and they like to get back at me. Today they got together and tried to get me. They did pretty good if you ask me, but I still won in the end. They even admitted to me that I won. The story goes like this. The boys were out on a walkie / smoke break and they decided to box in my zoo. So they pushed / lifted it over the parking stop and down the hill behind it a bit. Jon said that he was not helping until my zoo started to roll down the hill at them. He pictured it running them over so he jumped in to help and save the day. After they moved my car onto the hill half in the spot half out of it they put their cars around my car to box in ( see picture for reference). They all walked up to their offices huffing and puffing from the hard work ( Tim told me that he noticed this as they took him to show off their work) I got them back a bit later in the hallway after I had seen what they did.

Ryan and Jon were walking down the hallway towards me and I simply said ” You know I left the key in the ignition” to which they replied ” you win”

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