Tim Nailed me

Tim just totally nailed me, and not in a bromance way. It went like this:

Tim | Did you want to go out tonight with Erica to that laser show concert?
Me  | No. I think I want to go home and be lazy, watch TV and do nothing. I am stressed with Trenton’s manipulative controlling mother crap

Tim | Don’t give me that, you know that will never happen. You cannot do that little.
Me  | I think I should be able to make it happen I need to decompress for a bit and relax

Tim | You are going to go home, get into some project, then do battle, then need to bake a chicken pot pie. You will realize you don’t have any chicken so you will go out and make one.
Me  | Am I that bad? Do you know me that well?

Tim | Yes, you know it won’t happen.

I laughed for a good 5 minutes on the growing a chicken comment. Maybe I am a bit of an extremist?

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